28, working in London; Rock & Pop Editor in a music publishers and, actually, I love my job. The commute can be a bit of a drag but I use the time to write songs and read- she says- ha! Ok, I tend to fall asleep a lot… I live with my partner in a lovely three bedroom house in sunny Northampton, perfect for lounging/entertaining friends/taking tea in the garden. All in all, at the moment, my life is pretty damn good.

I like-

Music, singing, picking out outfits, reading, writing, drawing, smiling at things whenever I feel like it no matter where I am or what I’m doing, taking my time over eating apples, having newly washed hair, makeup, sunshine, snow, thunderstorms, city streetlights on wet pavements, big red autumn leaves, watching films with friends, suddenly noticing the way things that I eat all the time actually taste, taking tea in my garden, working in London, my cat Pinkerton.

I dislike-

People walking slowly and stopping in front of me, my nail varnish smudging or chipping when I’ve just done it, spilling hot tea in my lap (which I have just done), picking out outfits, forgetting to water my plants, realising the mess in my house has built up and I have to do twice as much tidying than if I’d have kept on top of it, Pinkerton mewing for her breakfast when I’m hungover.



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