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Label Love- Ischiko

April 8, 2011

I stumbled across this label whilst in Marisa Helene in Leighton Buzzard, lusting after Annette Görtz stuff that I can’t afford. For safety I decided to stick to the sale rails and I promptly fell in love with an Ischiko dress for £99 (down from around £300). I bought. I’m saving it for my honeymoon and I so can’t wait to wear it. It’s very dark grey, drapey, beautiful and super soft. I am now pretty much hooked on yet another brand of clothes out of my price range.

I’m afraid I stole some of these images from the webiste of The Cupboard, an amazing looking designer clothes shop in Edinburgh. Please visit and look at the lovely things they stock; it will also make me feel better for thieving their pictures.

I’m pretty sure my dress is the same as the second one down. Seriously, how awesome is it?


The Kills – Satellite

April 4, 2011

The Kills are touring at the end of May. This makes me very happy.

Petit Pois- inspirational cupcakes

February 25, 2011

To be honest, I pretty much think all cupcakes are inspirational. But these ones are just so different. I know recipes for healthy cupcakes are nothing new- but this new Petit Pois range seems to have got it just right.

Behold: low calorie, high veg content (chocolate and beetroot, anyone?), preservative free, all-natural cupcakes. I’m even loving the little green pea on top.

They’re available from Selfidges from March 15th and come in 4 flavours- vanilla, chocolate, lemon and orange. I think I need to do some experimenting of my own… but maybe I’ll just buy some of these to start with.

Oh Land

February 18, 2011

Loving her makeup, clothes, odd dancing… pretty much the whole package. Oh, and I really like the song, too. 

Kerli – Army of Love

February 15, 2011


What I’ve Been Listening to all Week

December 17, 2010

aka I really really love Christmas.

Advent Calendar

December 17, 2010

With a difference! Robotendo aka my friend Ben Haith is making an advent calendar with a rather fab drawing every day. No chocolates, just pretty video game inspired pictures!