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Label Love- Ischiko

April 8, 2011

I stumbled across this label whilst in Marisa Helene in Leighton Buzzard, lusting after Annette Görtz stuff that I can’t afford. For safety I decided to stick to the sale rails and I promptly fell in love with an Ischiko dress for £99 (down from around £300). I bought. I’m saving it for my honeymoon and I so can’t wait to wear it. It’s very dark grey, drapey, beautiful and super soft. I am now pretty much hooked on yet another brand of clothes out of my price range.

I’m afraid I stole some of these images from the webiste of The Cupboard, an amazing looking designer clothes shop in Edinburgh. Please visit and look at the lovely things they stock; it will also make me feel better for thieving their pictures.

I’m pretty sure my dress is the same as the second one down. Seriously, how awesome is it?


I Made This

October 25, 2010

mmm sushi

sushi 1

sushi 2

Had a bit of help from the boy there.

And this, not a creation but a modification.

dress 1

dress 2

I intend to wear it with wooly tights, big boots, long sleeve top and fingerless gloves.


Alice Tea Party

August 1, 2010

Not the best photos of me, but they show off my new(ish) Vivienne Westwood shirt! And they were taken in Nostell Priory rose garden, which I know Guiwenneth was interested in seeing.

The shirt is awesome, it’s thick black stripes and has bra cup style pockets, and big pointy bits on the sleeves. I bought it in the sale for (relative) cheapness after Christmas.



Lee liked the playground at Nostell Priory:


Cute stuff.

June 22, 2010

So, I got this totally ridiculous set for doing my nails while I was on holiday. The kind of thing you would never buy in England and I will most likely get bored of it soon. But, still, how cute are the flowers on my nails?

Also just an outfit from the other weekend- went to Northampton Town Music Festival. For some reason The Levellers were playing. Odd. Anyhoo! Cute bows ahoy. I had my white ribbon bow in my hair but Boy said it was too much… I had complete fat knee paranoia all day. My lovely socks kept rolling down to a very undesirable level. Eek.

Top: Top Shop, Skirt & over the knees: American Apparel, Jacket: M&S, Belt: Miss Selfridges, Shoes: Red Herring, Bag: Lancome, one of those ones you get free when you buy lots of stuff.



New purchases

June 8, 2010

New purchases from the wonderful outlet malls in Florida:

Top: Forever 21 (couldn’t get a decent shot of the back, but I assure you it’s lovely!) Skirt: J+ at Uiqlo, Over the knees: American Apparel

My new favourite thing! £9 from Wallis!

Dress: Forever 21 again. Fell in love with this shop! Lace trim cycle shorts/ lace top: Good old H&M


New Stuff

May 13, 2010

My new bag – birthday present from my mother. It’s just perfect!


Jeans, top and bag – Topshop, Boots – Army Surplus store, cardi – H&M