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Cute stuff.

June 22, 2010

So, I got this totally ridiculous set for doing my nails while I was on holiday. The kind of thing you would never buy in England and I will most likely get bored of it soon. But, still, how cute are the flowers on my nails?

Also just an outfit from the other weekend- went to Northampton Town Music Festival. For some reason The Levellers were playing. Odd. Anyhoo! Cute bows ahoy. I had my white ribbon bow in my hair but Boy said it was too much… I had complete fat knee paranoia all day. My lovely socks kept rolling down to a very undesirable level. Eek.

Top: Top Shop, Skirt & over the knees: American Apparel, Jacket: M&S, Belt: Miss Selfridges, Shoes: Red Herring, Bag: Lancome, one of those ones you get free when you buy lots of stuff.




Daily Outfit – 13th June

June 14, 2010

From a couple of weeks ago, when we had the 2 days that may well have been our summer!


Vest and bag – Topshop, shorts – cut off jeans from River Island via eBay, boots – Primark via car boot sale, bracelet – Lanzarote

New purchases

June 8, 2010

New purchases from the wonderful outlet malls in Florida:

Top: Forever 21 (couldn’t get a decent shot of the back, but I assure you it’s lovely!) Skirt: J+ at Uiqlo, Over the knees: American Apparel

My new favourite thing! £9 from Wallis!

Dress: Forever 21 again. Fell in love with this shop! Lace trim cycle shorts/ lace top: Good old H&M