My birthday fell on the Easter bank holiday weekend this year so I had a super fun filled lengthy break. Really good meal in Warwick (beautiful place, must go back and visit properly sometime!), shopping trip, opera. So don’t want to go back to work!

Went for a meal out with just the boy- I really am considering taking my own photos again. He takes so many blurred ones by the time a good one is taken I looked really bored!! Anyway, Boy bought me the skirt and belt.

My camera isn’t actually very good, so I really shouldn’t blame the hotographer too much. Tried to take a pic of my makeup- looked so much better in real life!

This is what I based it on:

And turned out like this but better:


Presents! Lovely shoes from H&M and cakes from the boy.

Beautiful, beautiful gold ring with an Egyptian scarab beetle:

I love this. The box is pretty cool too.


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One Response to “Birthday-ness.”

  1. Queen Lazy Says:

    Beautiful skirt! Cakes look quite yummy too. Your boy has good taste.

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