Weekend outfits


Went to see Alice in Wonderland. LOVED it. I thought it was so enjoyable. I didn’t manage to get a photo of me looking normal, sadly, my head looks all weird! Love this outfit though.

Jumper, Primark; Skirt, American Apparel; Tights, M&S; Shoes, Red Herring.

Layered up to brave the cold and go into town. At least it was sunny, we had tea and cake sat outside!

Same jumper and tights as before! Well it was Sunday, I was being scruffy. My shorts are an old pair of jeans, cute fluffy pink socks from M&S, and my key necklace.

Ok ok, so I wasn’t supposed to be buying anything else. But I was strangely drawn to some black shiny lace trimmed cyling shorts in H&M and as they were only £3 I bought some. I still have no idea why I like them so much. Anyway, I also bought some plain elastic headbands, so I could do this:

How cute is this?!




2 Responses to “Weekend outfits”

  1. Queen Lazy Says:

    Love the headband, I want one! How did you make it? Cute Alice outfit too, skirt is fab!

  2. guiwenneth Says:

    Thanks! It’s just an elastic headband, some lace ribbon and a couple of cheap pearly beads. I have a black one to do, I can’t decide whether I should do black lace and pearls, or black lace and little black shiny button things. Or just everything, maybe!!

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