New stuff.


I was browsing Hannah Zakari the other day when I stumbled across a rather cute necklace with an old key on it by Eclectic Eccentricity. I just so happened to have an old key, can’t remember why or what for- one of those things you keep because it’s interesting. Anyhoo, one trip to Hobby Craft and… ta-da!

Spring – Summer transition shoes. I cannot WAIT to wear them, so sick of this infernal cold.

Ok, I know I’m a bit Uniqlo obsessed, but I just could not resist this top. Part of the delectable Fait En Bonbons (a collaboration for the Oska based pastry shop’s 5th anniversary) range- glittery cup cakes decorated with a skull, a swan and a crown. When I went to pay, there was no one at the till, so I was forced to buy the vest too. It’s designed so you can wear it both ways around too, I had to have one!

Ok, now I’m really not going to buy ANYTHING before my holiday…




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One Response to “New stuff.”

  1. Queen Lazy Says:

    Your key necklace is ace! It reminds me of the shoes with the key in the heel. Love the top too, and the shoes! I have decided to go through my wardrobe and try and find new ways of wearing things, I’m back on the shopping ban again too this month.

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