Outfits of late…


The light wasn’t very good in this one- it doesn’t show my lovely MAC orange lipstick properly. Boo! Just found this shirt, had it since I was about 15- no idea why I still have it, but I think it deserves wearing a few more times.

This is my new work bag. I got it from TKMaxx. So many pockets. It’s brilliant. And the lining is pretty too, decorated with little fans. The headband I made- a piece of ribbon with a bit of elastic sewn to it, and I made a bow out of the rest of the ribbon and sewed that on. Who needs to buy new stuff?

Finally, the outfit I wore for a New Year meal with the boy. We went to a local Thai restaurant. They do the best noodles. Made use of my good ol’ Clairol Crimp ‘n’ wave. I just did a few small sections to liven my hair up a bit- it’s so fine and flat.



2 Responses to “Outfits of late…”

  1. Queen Lazy Says:

    I like your bag! And the headband is a fab idea!

  2. guiwenneth Says:

    Thanks! I kept seeing pretty lacey and bow headbands I wanted while I was in town- so when I got home I sat with my box of ribbon and lace and my sewing kit, trying out different things. So much fun! I’m going to try a lace flower next.

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