New stuff


Mostly Christmas presents. Firstly, NYE outfit. Not a particularly flattering picture of either of us, but it shows off my new shirt!

Shirt, Guess from Circus; Skirt, J+ by Jil Sander, Uniqlo.

…worn with my new Vivienne Westwood shoes:

My main Christmas present from the boy, the best coat in the world. Looks a tad lumpy as it’s very fitted and I was wearing a jumper and a cardigan under it! It’s freezing but I just had to wear it.

Coat, Bolongaro Trevor; Hat, a big department store in New York; Bag, Nine West; Jeans, Uniqlo; Boots, Matalan; Gloves, present from Queen Lazy.

New cardigan- present to myself and the last of my purchases for a while- I’ve banned myself from buying more clothes before I go on holiday!

Cardigan, Burberry from TK Maxx.




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One Response to “New stuff”

  1. Queen Lazy Says:

    Mmm, beautiful shoes!

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