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Tartan Pencil Skirt

December 31, 2009

I just got this tartan pencil skirt from eBay. It has a bit more pink in than the photo shows. It’s high waisted and super comfy! The jacket is also new, the leather is buttery soft. It was half price in the sale!

We went to see Avatar in 3D yesterday. It was a bit predictable, but a lot of fun! Definitely worth seeing.



Skirt – Lux via eBay. Boots – eBay. Top – Topshop. Jacket – New Look.


Keeping Warm in the Snow

December 29, 2009

One from the weekend before Christmas. I wore the furry shrug, and it fit under my coat fine! It kept me very warm in the snow.



Faux fur shrug – eBay, turquoise jeans – H&M, black top -Primark, boots – eBay.

Monday Evening Music – Juliette Lewis

December 29, 2009

Fantasy Bar by Juliette Lewis. I got the CD for christmas, I love it!

Festive fun so far.

December 18, 2009

The boy bought me a dress! It’s lovely. Good job boy! I wore it to his work Christmas do.

Christmassy drinks night out! Same old dress, new shiny tights and a purty belt. Though my leggings have started to wrinkle at the knee very quickly. Boo!

Thursday Evening Music

December 17, 2009

Thursday already? This week is going fast! Here’s a song I like, Little Boots – Meddle.

Blog find- Domestic Sluttery

December 16, 2009

I found this via the lovely Aspire Style, who had a competition going with them the other day.

Full of great finds! Check it out: Domestic Sluttery

Pull and Bear

December 14, 2009

I’ve fallen hard for a brand I found in a fashion mag in Lanzarote. Pull and Bear have what I think is pretty standard designs for this Winter, but there is something about the way they present them that I really like. I can’t explain it really. There website is a lot of fun to navigate too.




This has to be my absolute favourite image. It makes me think that it would be perfectly normal to walk around in Tank Girl style googles. No one would stare, would they?

Pull and Bear