Winter Wardrobe


I went shopping for top-ups to get me through winter- ended up only buying from 2 shops, Uniqlo and Primark! Uniqlo was no surprise, I ended up spending £45 on a pair of jeans and a mini skirt (yes, I know, I was supposed to be getting clothes for winter). I totally didn’t expect to buy lots from Primark though, I only went in to get 1 basic cheap jumper!

T shirt, L.A.M.B.; Skirt, J+ by Jil Sander at Uniqlo

Jumper, Primark; Sequin leggings £10, Primark- not quite as nice as the £30 ones in Topshop but SOOO much better than the £18 ones in New Look! Though they only had 1 pair left in the entire shop, size 12- worried they may bag very quickly. All leggings get wrinkly knees though, don’t they?!

Jumper, Primark; Grey skiny jeans, Uniqlo; Boots, George @ Asda.


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2 Responses to “Winter Wardrobe”

  1. Queen Lazy Says:

    Hurray for sequin leggings! I need some in my life. The jeans look good, have they stretched at all?

  2. guiwenneth Says:

    Only to utter comfort! I’m paranoid about stretching the knees though, I’m sat at work with my legs out as straight as I can!!

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