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Big Boots and Cute Skirts

September 29, 2009

One of my favourite combinations, I don’t wear them enough I think. These Army boots are from a surplus store, and the skirt is from a carboot, Primark originally. The bag is from the same carboot, it’s a Disney bag and has a cute little Mickey Mouse on the front!




IDOL at New Look.

September 28, 2009

A collaboration with Donovan Pascal, who worked as a designer for Religion. At New Look, i.e. not expensive. How can anyone refuse?

Retro finds

September 28, 2009

My parents have been having a clear out, so when I went back the other week I had to go through everything before I gave my permission to send it to the charity shop. Here’s what I rescued:

Black jelly shoes. I’m not sure about these, but they’re growing on me… I think…

Cute little red bag- kind of an orangey-red here, but more red in real life. I love this!

Also, this belt with a little zip pocket. What on earth are you supposed to fit in there? I don’t know, but I still like it!



Car Boot Finds

September 27, 2009

I found loads of clothes at the car boot last weekend, most only 50p! This big pile cost me less than £10.

car boot

Lots of grey and black, stripes and polkadots, just how I like it!

And a new bag from Topshop, from the Horror Girl collection again! They have a vest top I want in the same print, but it is made from polyester, and they are charging £32 for it! A bit extreme, I think.



Friday Nights

September 19, 2009


Jacket – random emo shop, Dress – Charity Shop, Shoes – gift from Mum, though they slip off my feet, I can’t walk in them!





Baby Guinness!!


Friday Night Music – Juliette and the Licks

September 18, 2009

Hot Kiss by Juliette and the Licks.


More Horror Girl

September 10, 2009


‘Creep’ top from Topshop, worn with Topshop skinny jeans, Tipster cardigan and vintage boots. Head band is a bit of purple sequin trim.