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Thursday Night Music – Florence and the Machine

July 30, 2009

Video here

The silly thing won’t embed, so go above!

I have a clothes post coming soon, I promise!



Good Morning

July 27, 2009

Well, this just brightened up my morning, so I thought I should share with you all too!


Things I Love Thursday

July 23, 2009

  • Violet Lip Balm
  • Breakfast in bed
  • Coconut perfume oil
  • New Skirts
  • Raspberries
  • Charity shopping
  • Pink’s new album
  • 80’s films
  • Coloured writing pens


Thursday Morning Music – Rammstein: Sonne

July 23, 2009

Dark twisted fairytales, just what we like!



July 20, 2009

I’ve fallen in love with 2 new scents. The first, Vera Wang Princess, I found on holiday whilst wasting time in the airport shops. I tried 7 or 8, but this one stood out amoungst the rest. It’s a very unique scent, quite deep and heady. It’s definitely not one of those ‘clean’ scents that make you smell like you’ve just been in the shower. What is the point of those anyway? You may as well just take a shower and not bother.

The blurb describes it as “An exotic fruity, floral bouquet teased with vanilla and an unexpected twist of pink guava. And the bottle is gorgeous, it even comes with a bit of jewellery – a ring around the lid.

vera wang princess

The second scent is one that is inspired by my holiday. By the suncream actually. It smelled like coconuts, like warm summers and days on the beach. When I got home I missed the smell so much I hunted down a perfume to match. Coconut perfume oil from The Body Shop is exactly right.

coconut perfume oil

What are your favourite perfumes?


Lazy Weekend

July 13, 2009

Got back from holiday last Thursday. I had a very quiet weekend, just went over to a friends to eat, drink and watch films. We watched an Anime, which I really liked, but can’t remember the name of, I’m a bit rubbish like that.

A couple of weekend outfits, the skirt and the shorts, oh and the shoes! are all new:


Skirt – Zara, by way of charity shop, Shoes – Primark, Cardigan – H&M


Top – Topshop, Shorts – Primark by way of a Car Boot sale,

Shoes – Primark, Bag – Accessorize


That Friday Feeling

July 10, 2009

Have a good weekend 🙂