In search of new shoes- current lusts


Splash out on some new strappy but sensible heels for all my end of summer weddings this year?

Or play it safe and buy some ambiguous coloured (i.e. not black, but MUST go with a black outfit!), flatish pretty pumps that will also double up nicely for everyday work wear?


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3 Responses to “In search of new shoes- current lusts”

  1. Queen Lazy Says:

    Love the first shoes so much! The first and second pair of flats are pretty awesome too though, and you could wear them all summer. Oooh, dilemma. But then, you could buy the nice heels, and get some cheap flats from Primark?

  2. guiwenneth Says:

    They’re my favourites too! I think I’m really in love with the gold heels- from Wallis!!- and the first pair of flats, which are from Clarks. Sensible shoes! The gold heels are £40 but they have the tan ones on sale at £25, so I’m hoping they might drop the price of the gold ones too.

    I like your plan- I really should go with it- I walk so much every day in my flats, even expensive ones wear out quickly. And I can’t pass Wallis without stopping to drool at those gold shoes…

  3. Queen Lazy Says:

    Yeah, hold out for sales! There are so many this year I bet you could get some nice shoes for cheap. Littlewoods have a pretty good sale on at the moment, they have some gold wedges I’m lusting after.

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