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Hair style inspiration- fringes

April 30, 2009




Barcelona holiday wants

April 22, 2009


Just for starters. I really need to decide on a few basics and work around that so I’ll have a nice choice of mix & match outfits.


Start of summer

April 22, 2009

First picnic of the year! Beautiful weather, lovely food, wine in plastic High School Musical cups. Also a chance to wear my charity dress- bought for a charity shop fancy dress evening, but perfect for a picnic says I!




Bat for Lashes

April 22, 2009

First, better photos of my new skirt.



Second, I went to the Bat for Lashes gig in Leeds a couple of weekends ago, they were awesome. I took a few photos, and a couple of videos, I might try and put them up too.



I love Natasha Kahn’s style, have I mentioned that before?



April 17, 2009

I really don’t like all the floral dresses that are around at the moment. I find them a bit twee, and dull because they are everywhere. But this dress! Not just the shape, but I love the print too! It’s a bit more grown up, and I suppose more of a foliage print than a floral? But I love it. The boots and shiny leggings help too I think.


From The Facehunter


All Saints Skirt

April 14, 2009

My new skirt! £75 from All Saints, bought with birthday money. Their website photo is kinda rubbish so I’ll try and take some better photos myself.

all saints skirt


This weekend I mostly wore American Apparel

April 7, 2009

I spent an unbelievably long (and at first fun!) amount of time tying my dress and adjusting my belt. Results below!

I spent Sunday trying out the rest of my new clothes- T-shirt and socks from American Apparel. Didn’t actually go anywhere in this outfit, but I really like it!

My Spongebob T! Love Spongebob. Though this T-shirt annoys me as it says “What’s up!” when it should say “What’s up?”- bah!