Things I Love Thursday


  • Davina DVDs I love Davina’s workout DVDs! I had Super Body, but managed to scratch it so badly it now won’t play. I was devastated! And went straight out and bought the box set. Fun to do, and I have so much more energy now, I think I’m starting to loose a bit of weight too.
  • Purple Phones And purple pens, purple nails, purple everything really. I found a gorgeous purple phone in the Orange shop, I want! It has no camera or anything, but do I really need that?
  • Vintage Necklaces My mum just gave me a stunning vintage diamanté necklace. It’s just beautiful, I may have to take photos.
  • Road Trips The boy and I went to Whitby at the weekend! IT was only an hour and a half each way, but it’s the longest drive I’ve had yet. Next on the list is a road trip to visit Guiwenneth.
  • Renting Films Well we watched my DVD collection, then the boy’s, and then everything decent Blockbuster has. We have now joined Love Film, it’s awesome! They have loads of stuff we couldn’t find in the rental shop, like anime series and random 80’s sci-fi!
  • Hula Hooping So. Much. Fun. Seriously, you should try it. I still can’t do it for very long, but I will get there.
  • Charity Shopping Cheap, unique stuff. No explanation needed really!



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