Stratford-Upon-Avon mini-break


Unable to afford the beach holiday abroad we wanted, the boy and I opted for a mid week break to Stratford. Loved it! It was so relaxing. All picturesque buildings, little independant shops and tea rooms! This was our room, the Laura Ashley room. Very flowery! Oh, though I just love Laura Ashley at the moment, I want to furnish my house from there!

My new (ish!) T from H&M. Love it! Saw it in Paris in December and wanted it ever since.

Butterfly farm! I spent ages trying to take pictures of their pretty wings. Flighty little buggers.

I was told to pout.

Dragged the boy round the antique centres looking for a brooche. Got this in the end for £5. Small and fairly simple, I think it’ll go with lots but haven’t actually worn it yet.

Best tea room ever, we went every day. They had 85 different flavours of tea. My idea of heaven!




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One Response to “Stratford-Upon-Avon mini-break”

  1. Queen Lazy Says:

    All so pretty! I love that green dress.

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