Fashion spots- London


I kept seeing people wearing outfits I wanted to steal whilst walking home last night! Obviously I didn’t stop and take pictures, but here are a couple I’ve found examples of.

An enitrely grey outfit with mustard tights. The outfit I saw was better. Very dark grey patent shoes. And the tights were darker and much nicer! Still you get the drift.


I reckon this is the colour I want. From Mytights.


Jeans with leg warmers. I don’t know if it’s just because the weather is so cold, but it suddenly seems like a great idea.


That really isn’t what I’m thinking but I can’t find any good pics! So nothing else to do but experiment with my own clothes. While searching for a good jeans/leg warmers picture I did stumble across this, which I love-


I’m finding myself looking at clothes a lot more since I can’t actually afford any at the moment. I really really want this shopping bag from M&S.


It’s kinda gross! But I love it! Go figure.



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2 Responses to “Fashion spots- London”

  1. Austere Says:

    I like that bag at the bottom of the post! Nice vibrant tights.

  2. Queen Lazy Says:

    Oh I like that idea! You should definitely play around with it!

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