My New Dress


My Miss Selfridge dress arrived yesterday, it fits perfectly! I’m in much love with it!

This is how I would wear it if I could choose from all the clothes in the world.

New Dress


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4 Responses to “My New Dress”

  1. guiwenneth Says:

    Yey! So glad it fits, bet you’re well happy! It’s awesome.

  2. Queen Lazy Says:

    I am! I wore it out Friday night, I haven’t uploaded the photos yet though, so they may be too scary to post!

  3. pl Says:

    hi, i’m from the U.S. and thinking of purchasing a few items from i’m a size 2-4 in US size and noticed that it’s 8-10 in UK size. Does this sound accurate? lastly, does their clothes fit true to size? and how is the fabric material?

  4. Queen Lazy Says:

    Well I find the sizes to be on the larger size, I think I’m around a 14, but I wear a 12 in Miss Selfridge. The fabrics are nothing special, just typical high street buys. I’ve no idea about American sizes though, I’ve never seen any so I can’t help you with that one. xx

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