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November 25, 2008


Leeds Film Festival

November 22, 2008

A couple of outfits from last weekend, I went to see a few films at Leeds Film Festival. We Saw Sword of the Stranger, My Name is Bruce, and Gachi Boy – Wrestling with a Memory. Gachi Boy was by far my favourite, I hope it is release on DVD. Sword of the Stranger was amazing also, and My Name is Bruce was a funny, silly film, directed by and starring Bruce Campbell.





Shop Love – Little Rooms

November 19, 2008

I love and adore the jewellery created by Ester over at Little Rooms. It’s whimsical and tough at the same time, perfection!



And the belts are amazing too. Want.

Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

November 12, 2008

Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf
As soon as Wolf began to feel
That he would like a decent meal,
He went and knocked on Grandma’s door.
When Grandma opened it, she saw
The sharp white teeth, the horrid grin,
And Wolfie said, “May I come in?”
Poor Grandmamma was terrified,
“He’s going to eat me up!” she cried.

And she was absolutely right.
He ate her up in one big bite.
But Grandmamma was small and tough,
And Wolfie wailed, “That’s not enough!
I haven’t yet begun to feel
That I have had a decent meal!”
He ran around the kitchen yelping,
“I’ve got to have a second helping!”
Then added with a frightful leer,
“I’m therefore going to wait right here
Till Little Miss Red Riding Hood
Comes home from walking in the wood.”
He quickly put on Grandma’s clothes,
(Of course he hadn’t eaten those).
He dressed himself in coat and hat.
He put on shoes, and after that
He even brushed and curled his hair,
Then sat himself in Grandma’s chair.
In came the little girl in red.
She stopped. She stared. And then she said,

“What great big ears you have, Grandma.”
“All the better to hear you with,” the Wolf replied.
“What great big eyes you have, Grandma.”
said Little Red Riding Hood.
“All the better to see you with,” the Wolf replied.

He sat there watching her and smiled.
He thought, I’m going to eat this child.
Compared with her old Grandmamma
She’s going to taste like caviar.

Then Little Red Riding Hood said, “But Grandma,
what a lovely great big furry coat you have on.”

“That’s wrong!” cried Wolf. “Have you forgot
To tell me what BIG TEETH I’ve got?
Ah well, no matter what you say,
I’m going to eat you anyway.”
The small girl smiles. One eyelid flickers.
She whips a pistol from her knickers.
She aims it at the creature’s head
And bang bang bang, she shoots him dead.
A few weeks later, in the wood,
I came across Miss Riding Hood.
But what a change! No cloak of red,
No silly hood upon her head.
She said, “Hello, and do please note
My lovely furry wolfskin coat.”

Roald Dahl, Revolting Rhymes

I came upon some images today on foto decedant, taken from December British Vogue, entitled ‘Tales of the Unexpected’.  It is images inspired by the stories of Roald Dahl, shot by Tim Walker, all very fairytale style. The one based on Little Red Riding Hood had a snippet of the poem above, which I instantly recognised.  I think I had this book when I was a child but I had forgotten all about it. I was much more of an Enid Blyton fan than a Roal Dahl fan, but I did love the Little Red Riding Hood poem!

I also love the colour red, capes, and silky hotpants.

red riding hood


Another day, another grey dress…

November 10, 2008

Sadly the worst picture of me that was taken, but the one that shows off my outfit best!! I’m liking having the boy around to take the pics for me… Mwa-ha-haha!!!!!!




November 10, 2008

A couple of outfits from the recent week. I was blinded by the flash in them both, but the second one I can’t fix the colours. And I have red eye. And new hair! It’s an a-line cut, so it is shorter at the back. I like it a lot.



Oh, and check out my new tumblr page! Queen Lazy Loves!


Gangsters and Molls.

November 5, 2008