To the point


I can’t actually get dressed properly at the moment as I’ve had an operation on my hand, so most of my clothes don’t fit over my stupidly big bandage. All I can do is point.

I’ve mostly been rocking out in my penguin PJs, though I managed a trip to the theatre to see Othello. Gotta keep up the culture :o)

I also got my first delivery of flowers EVER from the boy. NB- that’s the first time I’ve ever had flowers delivered, period.



2 Responses to “To the point”

  1. Queen Lazy Says:

    That’s an impressive bandage! How long does it have to stay on for? That’s so thoughtful of him to send flowers. And so much more special that they were delivered. I’ve never had any delivered either, but he did buy me a fake rose for valentines!

  2. guiwenneth Says:

    I got chocolate too! So stereotypical, but I’ve never had a stereotypical bf before so it actually makes a change! I’m getting more used to dressing now, just having to dig out all my widest sleeved tops :oP

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