Cinema Outfit


Top – H&M, skirt – American Apparel, cardigan – La Redoute, belt – Charity Shop.

This is my outfit from Sunday, when the boy and I went to see Hellboy II at the cinema. I had to add some black tights before I went out as it was a bit too cold and rainy for bare legs. The only thing I didn’t like about this was my hair, I think it could have done with backcombing. It is a bit too fine and flat without!

The belt is a new charity shop purchase, £2.50, and it’s real leather! It looked better when it was in the proper place on my waist! It had slipped a bit before the photo was taken.


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3 Responses to “Cinema Outfit”

  1. pearlybridge Says:

    tasty! but the rain will golden them legs Hun. X

  2. guiwenneth Says:

    Oh cool, you did that eye liner! It looks awesome. I did that when I went out Saturday, but was scared it’d look rubbish on me in black, so I did it in a soft dark grey. I liked it though!

  3. Queen Lazy Says:

    It looks better in real life though, when my eyes are not all scrunched up. I bought a Max Factor liquid liner pen at the weekend, and that makes it so much easier to do!

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