Beach Outfit


Well Guiwenneth and I, and several other friends, have spent the last weekend in a tent in a field in the middle of nowhere, York. It was a fab weekend and photos will follow soon, but now I’m thinking about the holiday I’m taking in 2 weeks to Majorca. I’m super excited because I’ve not been on a proper beach holiday in years. Of course, I am spending a silly amount of time planning my wardrobe so that everything is co-ordinated and goes with everything else. I am sharing a suitcase with the boy, so I have to try and pack light.

In a perfect world, my suitcase would contain the following.

The dress is by a brand called Mina, I followed the link to their website when I was creating the set, and I like what I see! The fact that celebrities are wearing their dresses does not interest me, but the cute clothes, and the reasonable prices do! I like the following items.








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2 Responses to “Beach Outfit”

  1. Annie Spandex Says:

    That little black, gray, and peach dress is sooo cute!

  2. Queen Lazy Says:

    I love the top part of that! I super want the second dress down, and the sequin bolero, they would go perfect in my wardrobe!

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