Autumn Fashion Magazines


I’m loving the way autumn fashion seems to be going, all black lace, black nail polish and heavy black eyeliner, with bits of tartan thrown in! I think my next buys will be black lace tights, black skinny jeans, and Chanel black nail polish. It’s a style I’ve loved since my wannabe goth days at uni, just a little bit more grown up and glamours.

A few images from recent magazines, all scans from The Fashion Spot.

D Mode July 2008
D Mode July 2008

Elle Canada September 08
Elle Canada September 08

Numero Korea August 08
Numero Korea August 08

Vogue Australia September 08
Vouge Australia September 08



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2 Responses to “Autumn Fashion Magazines”

  1. guiwenneth Says:

    Oh yeah I know, I’m loving it!! I walked past Warehouse the other day, and…. oh… I’m save it for my post! But, what you said! I fell in love with a skirt very similar to the one in the botom picture.

  2. Queen Lazy Says:

    I love that skirt! I think I need to buy lots of stuff this winter, whilst I actually like what is in the shops!

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