A way to wear…


… knee socks! Although I did get insults shouted at me in the street for wearing this- funny- I didn’t know I was at school still. Is it really that bad?


Also, I *think* I found a way to wear my lovely green silk top that doesn’t go with anything! It’s so gorgeous, but never looks amazing. Not even with my skinny jeans and gladiator sandals, and this is the best it’s ever looked!



3 Responses to “A way to wear…”

  1. Annie Spandex Says:

    Hmm, to be constructive, the skirt might be too long to go with those socks, but it doesn’t deserve heckling! And I love the earthy colors of the second look. 🙂

  2. guiwenneth Says:

    Ha ha, thanks! Yeah, I have a complex about my knees- unfortunate as I LOVE knee socks! 🙂 It’s a problem I try to work around!

  3. Queen Lazy Says:

    Definitely doesn’t deserve heckling! I think it’s cute. It was probably just some stupid chav.

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