Dress ups.


Concise dressing has never been a strong point of mine. I guess because I like so many different styles, and I switch between them from one day to the next, so they often overlap and create some outfits which start off nice but end up… odd… Anyhoo, here are some snippets of my ‘concise’ outfits from my past week.

Worn with my gladiator sandals! Skirt, H&M; t-shirt, GAP; belt, vintage. I didn’t think this was too mix and match when I put it on, but I kinda think it was. I keep getting dressed in outfits, going out, and realizing I look like a grown-out hippy. Not saying that’s a bad thing, but I keep doing it unknowingly…


£8 Primark shoes + cute lil’ ribbon socks from Japan = happy feet. My friend is going to Japan at the end of the year- SO jealous, I’m invited but can’t afford it. Do I let him know now that I’m starting a list of things for him to bring me back….?

This next outfit is somethng I wore when going out for a meal with the ‘rents- my dad was driving so I got to wear my highest heels without worrying! We went to Old Orleans at Sixfields in Northampton. I’m telling you this so that you know NEVER to go there.

I like this outfit best. Definitely going to wear it again, or something similar!

Top, Topshop; trousers, GAP; shoes, Betty Jackson; bag, Nine West. Accessories- suggestions, anyone….?


One Response to “Dress ups.”

  1. Queen Lazy Says:

    I love the all black outfit, the ribbon socks are so cute! And there’s nothing wrong with looking a bit hippyish, it is summer after all!

    I think you definitely need some bangles for the last outfit. xx

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