American Apparel Order


I’ve just received my stuff I ordered from the American Apparel website! I ordered 3 things, a ruched tube top, a deep v top and a black bandage skirt. They delivered very quickly, less than a week, but I ordered the v top in Asphalt, and they’ve sent me black! I’ll keep it because I like black, and I can’t be bothered to return it, but it is a bit annoying.

I have worn the skirt and the v top but I haven’t taken photos. It’s so dark and rainy here I’ve ended up having to wear tights, boots and a coat, so it’s not quite what I wanted to wear. The tube top I’ve tried on, and it’s perfect for wearing under tops that are a bit too low to wear on their own. I think I want one of these in every colour!

v top


tube top




2 Responses to “American Apparel Order”

  1. Rizzo Says:

    Their asphalt t-shirt is my favorite color. Call ’em and see if they’ll send it to you free of charge!

  2. Queen Lazy Says:

    Ha, good idea, I shall have to try that!

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