Weekend Dreaming


This weekend I have been dreaming about all black outfits, high heeled ankle boots, rabbits in hats and bowtie bracelets. I need black straight leg jeans, a rabbit t-shirt from Topshop and a ready tied bowtie from eBay. A good dusting of glitter and sequins and the biggest oversize bag I can find to finish it off. A bowler hat would also fit in nicely I think. Oh, and an A-line haircut like the woman from Doomsday.

I have actually ordered the rabbit top from Topshop! I really hope it fits.



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3 Responses to “Weekend Dreaming”

  1. guiwenneth Says:

    You really need to grow your hair so you can get it cut like that!

  2. Queen Lazy Says:

    I know, I really want it done! It is growing, but I need to get a trim soon to get rid of the split ends.

  3. guiwenneth Says:

    That hair and a bowtie. Meant to be, I reckon.

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