I don’t have any outfit posts from this weekend because my camera battery died 😦 But on Sunday the boy and I went to a couple of local carboot sales, and by then I had managed to remember to put it on charge.

The best thing I bought were these old glasses with swans on the front, I love them! Not a full set, I have like 3 sherry glasses, 2 whisky glasses and 1 of the larger glasses (what is that one called?). Not bad for £1 though.



I picked up this chunky gold studded ring for £1.


These Primark ballet flats were 50p.

ballet flats

This bag was £1, but I realised when I got it home that it stinks of smoke! So I’ll be Febrezeing it like mad the next few days.


A cute butterfly dish for 50p.


I also bought a stack of books, a sequin scarf that I can’t find now, a really old pocket dictionary and National Treasure on DVD.

And not from the carboot, I bought this sequin top from eBay a couple of weeks ago. I love it, but it’s very long, and a little big on me.


It was also our 6 month anniversary yesterday, so I made spaghetti bolognese and we drank Amaretto and Lemonade (as suggested by Guiwenneth) from my new glasses.




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3 Responses to “Carboots”

  1. guiwenneth Says:

    Ah, those glasses are really cute! Love them. Was the amaretto nice with lemonade? I must confess, it’s not one I’m aware of!! I drink it with coke, or as a cooler- Dissaronno, Vodka, cranberry juice, orange juice. Oh. Yum.

  2. Queen Lazy Says:

    Ah I thought you’d said Lemonade! It’s proper nice, a good summer drink. I’ll have to try it with coke. I love it in hot chocolate too!

  3. guiwenneth Says:

    Oh I bet that’s good! Coffee is also good. I think I might make one later!!

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