Weekend activities.


Friday night, cinema with the ex. I looked like a 16 year old, ha ha. But I figure I only have so many years left to dress really young before I officially start looking like a twat. Debut of my lovely new shorts from Uniqlo, and the first outing of the red ribbon:

Saturday I went to Hard Rock Clalling in Hyde Park, beautiful weather and but I got a bit frazzled. I now look like I’m wearing full length red gloves, a red mask and knee high red socks!

It was an awesome day though. We drank pear cider, watched the lovely Jason Mraz and the gorgeous John Mayer ( lucky lucky Jennifer Aniston!), Sheryl Crow, then decided we didn’t care about watching Eric Clapton so we left, went for noodles and green tea and then to the pub!





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2 Responses to “Weekend activities.”

  1. Queen Lazy Says:

    I like the shorts! And the ribbon is cute. It rained for us all weekend, I’m so jealous you had enough sun to get sunburnt!

  2. guiwenneth Says:

    They look so much better without the tights that are a similar colour, but it gets really chilly in the cinema! I’ve decided it’s not sunburn, it’s a healthy glow.

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