The American Apparel Wish List


I really want the skirt- probably not in lilac, but that one shows the skirt off best in the pictures.

I’m thinking of bailing the Paris trip later in the year, so I’ll actually be able to save up for things!



4 Responses to “The American Apparel Wish List”

  1. Queen Lazy Says:

    I so want to do an American Apparel order! I love the skirt, and that stripy top!

  2. guiwenneth Says:

    I really like the first top, just a basic but a lil’ bit different- the porn pose does not do it justice!

  3. Queen Lazy Says:

    I wish I had an American Apparel near me, have you ever tried anything on in there? I’d like to know what the sizing is like on their stuff.

  4. guiwenneth Says:

    Not yet, I’ve had no money and have been too scared to try on in case I fall in love. But I’m going in on Monday to try on so I’ll let you know! If you’re looking at Uniqlo online, sizes are similar to GAP I’ve found.

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