Friday Night Outfit


I wore my new grey H&M top last Friday, and dressed it up with gold accessories. I think it works really well!


I went out to the cinema to see The Happening. I enjoyed it, it’s a very creepy film, despite some of the plot elements being a bit silly! After the film the boy and I had a couple of cocktails in Mex. I think I am inspired to have a Cocktail night in the near future, and play lots of old jazz music like Nina Simone!



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4 Responses to “Friday Night Outfit”

  1. Annah Says:

    i like the red clutch with this! it adds a ‘pop’. oh, the americans with their ‘pop’ phrases.
    also, i love the look of the cardigan in your previous post

  2. Queen Lazy Says:

    Thank you! I actually wore the cardigan over this when I went out as it was a chilly evening. xx

  3. guiwenneth Says:

    DEFinitely have a cocktail evening. You have to make people dress up though. It’s the law of cocktail parties. No admitance otherwise. You want me to bring my band up and we’ll do a live set for you? Oh, wait- I don’t have a band…

  4. Queen Lazy Says:

    Hmm I can’t see the boys being willing to wear anything fancy! You need to start a band just to play at mine I think.

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