New Topshop Skirt


My new skirt arrived yesterday! I got it from eBay, but it’s originally from Topshop Boutique. I love the colour, and the poofiness, it’s basically a circle of fabric with a soft net overlay. And I saved about £30 on the price! Here is how I will wear it:




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4 Responses to “New Topshop Skirt”

  1. guiwenneth Says:

    Gorgeous! I love the colour. I like your necklace too!

  2. Queen Lazy Says:

    I know, it’s one of my favourite colours right now! How nice would this look with navy?

    The chain necklace is from a carboot, 50p! It doesn’t go with much, but when it does I love it!

  3. Annah Says:

    oh, i love this…the skirt looks beautiful. it reminds me of this:
    (check out the a/w collection)

  4. Queen Lazy Says:

    Wow I love that collection! I need one of those jumpers to go with it! The stuff for Topshop is ace too, I think I missed it though?

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