Want Reiss.



9 Responses to “Want Reiss.”

  1. Queen Lazy Says:

    Love the ruffles. These would really suit you. How much are they?

  2. guiwenneth Says:

    I think about £70. I could never get away with wearing them without tights though.

  3. Queen Lazy Says:

    Why not? They look quite long.

  4. guiwenneth Says:

    I have a fat knee complex.

  5. Queen Lazy Says:

    But you don’t have fat knees!

  6. guiwenneth Says:

    They are always cleverly disguised! I’m afraid it’s going to rain on Saturday :o(

  7. guiwenneth Says:

    I saw someone wearing the bottom skirt today. If I hadn’t been rushing for my train I’d have mugged her.

  8. Queen Lazy Says:

    Aw, what did she wear it with?

  9. guiwenneth Says:

    She was wearing black shoes, black tights and a nice little black blazer (something I NEED!). She looked good!

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