New Shoes and Good Food


I have had a very lazy bank holiday so far. Got up late, had breakfast and went shopping for food for dinner. I made mushroom and sausage risotto, it must have been good because the boy demolished it even quicker than normal!

Strawberries and cream made the perfect bank holiday dessert.

Strawberries and cream

Saturday I bought new shoes! They are ivory and silver, not teal, but I think these are even better. They will go with anything too!

Topshop shoes

Topshop shoes

My mother disapproves, which shows how good they are!

And my outfit for today. I didn’t wear it out with the shoes, I had my tan cowboy boots on instead.



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3 Responses to “New Shoes and Good Food”

  1. guiwenneth Says:

    Those shoes are gorgeous- I love the silver on them. Is that bowl from Whittards?!

  2. Queen Lazy Says:

    I just checked the bottom and it is indeed! I got it from an outlet store at Junction 31 a couple of years ago. Are they good?

  3. guiwenneth Says:

    I LOVE Whittards!! Especially the outlet shop at J31, I go whenever I’m visiting my parents. Whittards ROCKS.

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