Buttons and buckles.


From lack of much else going on this weekend, I’ve been being all domesticated- tidying and cleaning and the like- I even made a pie. Spinach and feta. Mmmm….. pie….. Alright yes, I’m watching the Simpsons. Anyhoo, whilst doing said tidying, I stumbled across  all the buttons and buckles I acquired from my grandma. Check them out. They’re sooo pretty!

I so need to make my own belts-

Starting with these buckles! They do need a bit of a clean…



5 Responses to “Buttons and buckles.”

  1. Queen Lazy Says:

    I love the rainbowness of the first photo! Are you going to do anything with them? I had an idea a while back of buying a black tee and sewing a cascade of buttons across one shoulder, I think I need to do it!

  2. guiwenneth Says:

    Cute! I customised a top with buttons and bows a while back- just a cheap strappy top and not that nice buttons, and self-made bows out of ribbon- just to see! I’ll post a photo. I think I’d be brave enough to try it with some better materials now though! I’m gonna go charity shop shopping for cheap nice belts that I can have a go at changing the buckles of. Ooh, or I may get some thick sturdy ribbon and thread it through some of those buckles that have no… er… you know, pointy bit that sticks through the holes…

  3. Queen Lazy Says:

    Ribbon belts sound good! Post photos of your top too..

  4. sizzyphus Says:

    oh yes!

    Target had these really cute journals with buttons like yours stitched on the outside to cloth. V. cute.!

    Isn’t there a type of pie or brownie called a blueberry buckle? If you get some blueberries, you can make a buckle!

  5. guiwenneth Says:

    OMG I just had to look up Blueberry Buckle- must make! New baking challenge :o)

    I might have to swipe the journal idea- I’m always using journals and can never find one with a cover I’m happy with! x

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