Yorkshire Sculpture Park


My bank holiday was spent at Yorkshire Sculpture Park with the bf. I never realised how good it is! I always thought of it as a big garden with a couple of sculptures in it, but it’s massive! I think we’re going to go back at some point with sketchbooks.

My outfit, nothing special, just something I thought I would be comfortable in, and hair tied back in case of wind. First day of the year with bare legs though!

Dress: Vintage slip from Charity Shop
Jumper: Soft Grey from La Redoute
Boots: Dolcis
Bag: H&M
Headband: Accessorize
Necklace: Car Boot sale


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3 Responses to “Yorkshire Sculpture Park”

  1. Robert Mileham Says:

    Intrigued to know what the BF is, but thanks for the pictures, I have heard much about this park and wonder if I should go but still none the wiser; not your fault, just haven’t seen enough of it yet, it’s a long way from Dorset but might link it with a trip to Henry Moore’s museum near Leeds.
    Great outfitters all.

  2. Queen Lazy Says:

    BF is boyfriend! It’s definitely worth a visit, if only to see the Henry Moore sculptures out in the open. I’ve been to the Henry Moore institute that’s in the centre of Leeds and wasn’t very impressed by that. In fact, until I went to the sculpture park on Monday I always though I didn’t like sculptures!

  3. DIY Shirts, Fringe Boots, and a Stormtrooper « Says:

    […] Park a few weekends ago. I won’t bore you with more of the same photos of sculptures (see here for those), but here’s one of me, in what he refers to as a ‘House for Hobbit […]

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