Charity Shopping Outfit


Monday off work charity shopping outfit. I bought a teapot. But it’s a cool teapot and deserves it’s own post. We also had dinner at a Chinese Buffet and discovered that where I live has it’s own juice bar! I had one with apple, pear, grapes and orange, so good I have bought tons of fruit to try and recreate it at home with my little hand blender. I may report the results.

My new boots, bought from eBay. I wasn’t keen on the heel at first but they are growing on me.


3 Responses to “Charity Shopping Outfit”

  1. guiwenneth Says:

    Yeah, post about the teapot!! I really want a new cute little one person one, mine’s too big.

  2. Queen Lazy Says:

    I will do, it’s well tack, and doesn’t go with anything I have!

  3. guiwenneth Says:

    That’s ok, you can just call it eclectic.

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