Friday night drunken-ness.


I haven’t been out on a Friday night for ages- I find it difficult as I get back so late from London, I have to plan my outfit to transcend nicely from work to evening. I think I worked it OK last night! Although I didn’t have time to take a photo before I went out, so this was taken when I got back. I was a little bit drunk but managed to make myself a cup of tea and some toast before collapsing in bed around 3:00.

Top, H&M; skirt, Zara; tights, M&S; pumps, Rocket Dog; jewellery, Queen Lazy!



2 Responses to “Friday night drunken-ness.”

  1. Queen Lazy Says:

    Cute! Is that the seashell bracelet I bought for your birthday years ago!? Who was it by? I always think it was Tarina Tarantino for New Look, but I think I might be completely wrong about that!

  2. guiwenneth Says:

    Yeah! It’s still going! I think you did say it was from New Look. I’m so rubbish at buying myself jewellery!

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