Birthday clothes.


Note- Birthday clothes, not birthday suit. MAJOR difference.


This is a tunic the ‘rents brought me back from India. Top of my head’s chopped off, but it’s the only picture where my knees don’t look fat. I have a knee complex. Anyway, it’s unbelievably cute- sadly I have to wear substantial leggings with it, as the slits go way up my thighs. Any suggestions for colour? It’s so pale and delicate.

Gladiator sandals and beautiful new skirt. I can’t find a top that goes really well, everything just looks ‘o.k.’. Boo. Something to add to the shopping spree list I feel.


Another shirt from India. Not sure about this one. But at least I discovered my sandals will look good with these trousers.


And finally, my new chunky bangles- again from India- SO cute, I can’t believe my parents chose such nice ones!

It’s also worth noting my beautiful duvet cover. Right, I have to go buy chocolate now so I can be back in time to watch Uncle Buck…


One Response to “Birthday clothes.”

  1. Queen Lazy Says:

    Turquoise would go so well with that dress! Or skinny jeans. Those sandals are so awesome, I need some in my life. And I love the chunky bracelets, your parents have good taste!

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